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Speakers, Guests and Trips

Heritage Academy routinely invites guest speakers on campus to interact with students engaged in specific lessons. The speakers provide insight beyond the lecture and challenge student’s understanding of the concept material. Bringing in outside speakers helps bring the subject material alive for the Heritage Student.


Past topics have included playing a new musical instrument, high and low tea, and effective gardening. The Heritage teachers are highly encouraged to use their imaginations in obtaining speakers and guests in relation to the source material their class is studying.

The Pittsylvania County Bookmobile visits the Academy once per month and provides the Heritage student with the latest in books and outside educational material. Bookmobile visits are widely anticipated throughout the school, and it literally drives interest in recreational reading. Recreational reading directly supports Heritage’s academic mission by building vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Field trips are a way the Heritage student engages education with real-life experiences. Field trips are the classic way to remove the classroom walls and broaden student horizons. Some topics must be seen and experienced to be fully understood. A giraffe might look only so big in a book, for example. Additionally, student interactions with each other and adults on a trip are invaluable for social development. Heritage students aren’t kept boxed in a classroom.