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Special Teachers and Recess

Traditional education focuses less on testing and more on broadening student experiences. Getting students excited about learning reduces student stress, increases student participation, and keeps the entire classroom positive. Heritage’s special teachers and a good dose of recess fortify this ongoing educational effort.

Special Teachers

Heritage Special ClassHeritage Academy desires well-rounded, God-fearing students who can think critically. Broadening a student’s perspective was the time-honored goal of more traditional education, and it remains a focus at Heritage.

Heritage’s special teachers engage the entire Academy student body with a variety of different subjects. The subjects are as follows:

Art – 4th through 8th grade
Basic art instruction begins in the 4th grade. The course covers the elements of art, including line, form, shape, and color. Art appreciation and history are also introduced and developed in the students.

Music – Kindergarten through 8th grade
Students are introduced to music, its variety, and its cultural importance. All grades are engaged once per week with music. Music instruction is often paired with a theme a grade level might be covering. Musical productions are presented several times a year.

Grades K-3
Any foreign language helps broaden the mind for native English speakers and fosters critical thinking. Spanish is a very common language in many foreign countries, which better prepares the Heritage student for the larger world. Spanish culture, food, holidays, and dance are introduced. Well stocked pinatas are an Academy favorite.

Grades 4-8
Synonymous with modern culture, the ability to quickly and accurately access machines and other technology remains an important skill. Kindergarten through 2nd grade is focused on basic computer skills. 3rd grade through 8th grade is focused on keyboarding, PowerPoint, and Prezi.


As a traditional school, Heritage Academy offers recess for all of its students. Giving students recess helps clear their minds, soaks up nervous energy, and keeps school fun. Recess is a disappointingly understated activity in many school programs. Heritage students interact with peers, build friendships, and decompress prior to the day’s remaining instruction. A simple break is natural and beneficial. Older students enjoy recess time together; younger students also have time to play together. Students engage in games/team building and learn to get along socially. This is a time in which student leaders emerge.