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Heritage Academy is the best education option for your son or daughter.

Why Heritage Academy?

  • The preservation of America’s history and heritage is becoming obsolete in education.
  • There is a definite need for a school which emphasizes and teaches strong moral character and civic responsibility.
  • A number of people share a common vision, similar goals, and like-minded values for the education of children in this area.
  • There is not a Christian school within 30 minutes in any direction.
  • Heritage is a non-sectarian school which focuses on academics, integrating truth into all disciplines while allowing parents to teach the doctrine of their choice to their children.
  • Parents have expressed a desire for this option in our community.

The Heritage Academy Distinction

Students thrive with a love of learning while developing a strong, Christian character. Heritage Academy is different with a focus on:

  • A strong Christian environment
  • Character development
  • A traditional curriculum
  • Strong community support. Parents are the primary educators. Extensive parental involvement in the school
  • Small classes with a 7:1 student/teacher ratio
  • God’s truth integrated in all disciplines
  • The teacher is the “living curriculum” and should be a Christ-like model for students in speech, conduct, relationships, work habits, and devotion to God.
  • Service to others will be modeled and encouraged.
  • Respect for authority, good citizenship, and patriotism are values Heritage strives to instill in students.